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Daniel Moesker Jewellery

A Unique jewellery label that creates one of a kind high-end jewellery pieces made to order or in small exclusive collections sold at a exclusive number of retailers through out the world. Each piece is designed with a passion for gemstones and the nicest metals and crafted by hand to be passed down from generation to generation
This website will show you a overview of the work I do and the materials I love using if you have any questions or inquiries please contact me direct at and I will get back to you as fast as I can
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Handcrafted In the Netherlands

At Daniel Moesker jewellery we combine innovative techniques, true craftsmanship and design all under one roof inside our own atelier in The Netherlands.

Rare Gemstones and Pearls

Next to creating our own and bespoke jewellery Dm also provides gemstones and rare pearls to connoisseurs, goldsmiths, and jewelry designers.

Worldwide shipping

Daniel Moesker ships via fully secure couriers, including Fedex, UPS and DHL to most locations in the world.

Custom Design

your own bespoke jewellery Masterpiece

DM can create and design a unique piece of jewelry especially made for you. Daniel is a goldsmith, jewelry designer and a diamond setter, with an expertise in bespoke jewellery made from precious metals combined with one of a a kind pearls, gemstones and the finest diamonds.

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One of a kind

Personal bespoke engagement Rings

From custom diamond engagement rings to rare gemstones, the things I love most in my jewellery are the gems and materials. On this website you will find an overview of many different gemstones from all over the world. And the nicest metals like 18 karat gold and platinum.

I love to travel and have made a habit of buying gems in every country I visit. Through the years I have built up a large collection of precious and semi-precious stones and combining this with the fact that I am working with beautiful metals like gold and platinum, each customer is guaranteed an individual piece of jewellery to suit their very own style and personality.

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World class


Rare pearls are one of our specialties. Through our years of experience and selective buying we have created world-class collection of both natural and cultivated pearls. Here you find an overview of the type of pearls we sell most often. In our office we have a large inventory of pearls and in case a size or type of pearl is not available, we can always bring it back from our travels. During the year we travel around the world, so we always have a good overview on what is available and where to get it from. Therefore we can provide you with any type of species on the market.

If you would you like more information about pearls in our inventory or want us to find you the perfect pearl, please let us know!

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Gem Hunter

We can find you the perfect gemstone !

Specializing in fine quality colored gemstones, Daniel Moesker also provides gemstones to connoisseurs, goldsmiths, and jewelry designers. We have a unique collection that was sourced during our travels through out the world. In stock we have a large and diverse inventory and if not direct available, we have a large network which can provide us with any gemstone on the market.

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